Problems faced by School Transport Management


  • Student Bus Tracking System using RFID and GPS
  • RFID In School Premises
  • Smart Communication

School Bus Tracking System – Using RFID and GPS

Real-time Control of Buses on Move

The School Management can easily track:

Informed Drivers for a Safer Journey

Peace of Mind for Parents: Real-time Tracking of Kids

Parents App is the perfect solution for ensuring peace of mind of worried parents:

Features and Benefits

RFID and GPS based school bus tracking systems ensure a safe journey for the students and helps parents and school authority:

  • Provides real-time updates on school bus.
  • Monitoring of each individual student from home to school and back.
  • Alerts/ Notification in the form of SMS, Android push notifications or IOS notifications.
  • Parents are updated about pick up, drop off, reached school, bus delays, unscheduled bus stops or other emergencies.
  • In case you detect any abnormality, you can get in touch with the concern person.
  • Helps you save energy and time by automatic routing, planning and scheduling bus stops.
  • Safe and secure transportation of the child. 

Solution & Benefits



Alerts and Monitoring

  • Enters an un-authorized/restricted area
  • Enters any authorized area in restricted timing, like canteen in class hours
  • Missing from the class during class hours for more than defined limit
  • Remains in the school after scheduled time

Smart Communication Features:

  • Notice Board – Communication to all students of the School
  • Bi-direction Messaging between Mentors/Educators and Parents
    • Group Messages(One to Many Interaction) – Individual Mentors to different class group/ primary section (Group e.g. Class, Particular students group going for trip, Primary Section etc.)
  • Individual Messages(One to One Interaction) – Mentors to Parent

Components of the App

Admin Control Panel
Mentor/Educator App
Parents App


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