The Best Field-Force Performance & Productivity Management Solution

Imprint: The Smart Sales Force Management Tool

We offer the Best Field-Force Performance & Productivity Management Solution which helps to manage and monitor the sales agents in real-time. Their locations, meeting progress, track performance, closures and a lot more can be bred with a single sales tracker software, Imprint.

What is Imprint?

IMPRINT is a SaaS based mobile field force management system which helps clients to monitor and improve the efficiency of their field force. It’s a multi-vertical product which can be used in Sales, Service and distribution

Field force tracking solution helps you monitor your field agents. Manager has a clear view of following for a Field agent assigned to him.


Performance Management Solution for Field Agent

  • A smartphone based Field force for daily activity monitoring, expense management and real- time digital data collection through machine to machine.
  • Facilitate to create the appointment with client. Appointment reminders on the day.
  • Facilitate scheduling the day and timesheet submission/viewing.
  • Paper-less and effortless expenses.
  • Increase Productivity and reduce data loss :
    1. Ease of reporting from the location with the help dynamic voice controlled.
    2. Real-time digital data collection will reduce back office task.
    3. Upload of client information like business card through images, hence reduce loss of customer data.
  • Dynamic forms enables voice controls, Video, Photographs and documents with real time location and timestamp.
  • Record the total distance travelled and automate travelling expenses claim.
  • Past records can be retrieved on demand. For e.g. official trip, schedule.
  • Expense Management by Field Force.
  • Don’t waste time filing expense
    • AI-powered expense capture and reporting. 
    • Auto creation and submission of reports.
    • Auto policy compliance.
  • Log of all the calls. (Can be used to cross verify the Telephone Expenses claimed by the individual).
  • Real-time data collection through dynamic forms.
  • Collection update against the customer and audit history available for the reconciliation.
  • Access to company services/products information through document repository can assist field agents with beneficial information.
  • Business card scanner that can digitize your paper contacts and help you reach back out in seconds along with the Geo-tags and date.
  • Getting client information from web / social portals for having information at tips to use for ice breaking.

Performance Management Solution for Managers

  • Dashboard
  • Overall activity summary for all the agents reporting.
  • Expense Reimbursement – Get used to an automated approval process or Provision to approve .
    • Policy check engine auto – approves compliant expenses. 
    • Non-compliant expenses or anomalies are highlighted.
    • View and approve distance travelled for fuel expenses.
    • View and approve official calls made for claims.
  • View agents’ appointments.
  • Can add a new schedule for the Field person.
  • Generate appointment details report.
  • View past trip/appointment for any agent reporting to him/her.
  • Timesheet of the individual Field person.
  • Verify whether the Field person had made assigned/scheduled visit or not.
  • Real-time access to the data collected on the field, and can save further process and response time for better customer.
  • Access to digitize contacts list.
  • Simplifies Collection and reconciliation
    • Real-time collection information along with collector route plan and tracking.
    • Instant receipt notification and quick query resolution.
    • Analytical Report on collection – Customer/ Agents.
    • Transparency.
  • AI based powerful analysis –
    • Reporting and forecasting of region wise expenses and revenue and many more.
    • For better analysis, records all call to text.
    • Talking reports and voice to text. If company wants us to train the application with some commands we can generate those commands automatically by product. This will takes approx. 3-4 months to train the program.
  1. Performance Management Solution for HR
  • Dashboard
  • Overall activity summary for all the agents Timesheet
  • Approved Expense Reimbursement Details
  • Master control
  • Dynamic Form Generation via user friendly
  • Policy and Rule creation


High Level Architecture Picture

Available on Android and iOS

Sales force automation app simplifies the management of the sales team. Manager can keep track of each and every activity of the sales group by sitting at one place through the sales force management dashboard. • Salesforce Tracking Solution for Manager • Sales Force Management for Agent


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