Chat2SMS is an innovative solution that allows customers to take the chat on their phones, which our agents can continue handling from within our software. It is efficient for website visitors because they will only be contacted in their ideal time. It captures a wider audience base through a widely used platform.


Chat2SMS lets customers take the dialogue on-the-go on their phones, and our dedicated agents can continue handling your chats from within our software. Visitors will be reached in the ideal time they would have provided before.


Let Customers Text Your Business

Two-way text messaging is the most convenient service channel: no calls to place, no waiting on hold or sitting in chat sessions.

It allows business flexibility where their visitors would have more than one platform to have their queries answered. This flexibility endorses a tailored service for customers.

SMS Inquiry Alerts

Notify clients via SMS as soon as the customer fills in their information using the “Text Us” widget. They will receive customer name, phone, best time to reach and their message.

Customer can continue conversation whenever they are available. Ease of access for customers to communicate with businesses.

Ease of access
After-Hours Inquiries

Customers can notify the best time to reach them and the agents will reach out to them in their preferred time.

Agents can interact with incoming SMS chats in the same way that they are accustomed to handling other chats, including use of canned messages.

Agent-driven Canned Messages
Concurrent Support

Unlike one-on-one phone calls, agents can support multiple texting customers concurrently. While one customer is writing a text, agents respond to others.


Increased Engagement

Chat2SMS increases visitor engagement because it provides diverse platform to continue the chat on.

ROI of any business will increase because the number of meaningful chats being increased.

Increased ROI
Personalized Branding

Text conversations will give the customer a more personalized feel to their customer service experience.

You do not have to worry about coverage lost because Chat2SMS has after business hours covered

Off-Hours Covered
Direct Contact

Customers can be connected directly to sales teams than having them go through a pre- qualifying



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